Remington Punches Back at “Biased” NBC Report

It’s gotten to the point where it’s virtually impossible to take anything that comes out of the NBC news operation seriously. You wonder how their talking heads manage to get through a report with a straight face any more, somehow expecting the few dozen people who still watch network news magazines to take what they present at face value. Ask George Zimmerman – who may end up owning a fair sized piece of the Peacock Network when all is said and done – how reliably NBC reports something as seemingly basic as a 911 conversation. The issue now is this week’s report on something called Rock Center about the safety of Remington rifles and shotguns . . .

The report claims that the basic guts of some Remington firearms, the common fire control or CFC, is inherently unsafe and can fire basically at any time without warning. For corroboration, Senior Correspondent Scott Cohn relies on the word of two “industry experts,” Tom Butters and Jack Belk.

In response, the Freedom Group company is going on offense. They’re hitting back with the above video which appears to demonstrate that the duo have something of a conflict of interest, basically shaking down Remington in order to sell them their own patented design.

None of which necessarily means that what NBC alleges about Remington’s CFC isn’t true. These aren’t the first questions raised about the safety of Remington products. It only illustrates – yet again –  that the network’s judgement in selecting industry experts isn’t much better than their standards in hiring producers and editors.