NRA Store Features Deep Concealment

The only part of the America’s Center that’s enjoyed traffic to rival the convention floor has been the NRA’s retail store operation. There, you can stock up on everything from commemorative shot glasses to tactical gear. It’s a veritable cornucopia of bargains galore. And a visit to the store really isn’t complete without admiring the the handsomely endowed mannequin that’s modeling the Smart Carry concealed carry holster. While the package (so to speak) doesn’t really specify, it seems safe to assume that this particular piece of kit is designed for inside the waistband use. And at only $56 a pop, it’s a fairly affordable way to violate rule number two. The washboard abs are extra.

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  1. avatarTim McNabb says:

    I have one of these – other than being a bit of a headache to put on, it’s very effective and just a bit behind IWB carry as far as ease of access.

  2. avatarHere Iam says:

    I’ve used smartcarry for years. Living in SW Florida, we don’t get the same options in concealed carry as our northern neighbors. There aren’t many choices when your “wardrobe” consists of shorts & flip flops… ;) Personally I rotate it so my revolver hangs more over my thigh, I could never get used to sitting down w/ a package hanging over my “package”.

  3. avatarRalph says:

    Just make sure that when you draw your weapon, you don’t accidentally draw your weapon.

  4. avatargreat unknown says:

    How well does it work if the pistol has a bayonet mounted?

    • avatarbrigo05 says:

      Only the Loretta Bobbitt model comes with the opening at the bottom for the bayonet to fit through.
      Hey maybe that guy Andrea on the photo’s page bought the Bobbitt model..

  5. avatarAharon says:

    If concealed carry ever gets the legal ok in San Francisco then these things would sell simply because it is groin related. Heck, the holster is legal now in SF to sell and buy. Just put “the handsomely endowed mannequin” in a Castro District display window and it will sell since locals will think of other things they can carry in it.

    • avatarChris Dumm says:

      They’ll sell these at Spartacus here in Portland soon.

      • avatarAharon says:

        :) ha!

        Since he wrote this piece, I think Dan Zimmerman should be at the Portland Spartacus opening day for this line signing autographs and modeling one of the Smart Carry holsters sans other apparel.

  6. avatarTim says:

    I’m supposed to pay $56 for the priviledge to point a loaded handgun at mr. happy?

    • avatarHere Iam says:

      No, you pay $56 for the ability of carrying concealed wearing nothing more than a pair of shorts, but feel free to point it at yourself if it makes you feel better… ;)

  7. avatarMercutio says:

    Hmmm… not the rig for a Glock 34……

  8. avatarNot Too Eloquent says:

    I’m going commando!

  9. avatarbrigo05 says:

    Please click the link and read the testimonial about the woman who “defended her life” with one by lifting her shirt and exposing her GLOCK to “4 young thugs” in a mall parking garage.
    -Had to snicker a little bit…
    Oh and scroll down to PHOTOS and click to see horrendously old photo’s. Like my dad in the 70′s, whew. Seriously if I am reading this right, there is a picture of a guy named Andrea concealing a 4″ Colt Python next to his wife Susan cc’ing a 1911 (which neither look Colt or 1911 clone or otherwise). Andrea is a dude’s name? Can someone please get back to me on this, she/he is not a very attractive….people?

  10. avatarTim P. says:

    Why didn’t they name it the “Mae West?”

  11. avatarMark Smith says:

    I have one and no, your gun isn’t pointed at your junk. When holstered and worn at the 12 o’clock position, if you could pull the trigger while it was in the holster, it would shoot in between your feet, not through your crotch. When you draw it however, if you’re not careful, you will laser your inner thigh. If you’re the sort of person that doesn’t stick their finger into the trigger area when you’re drawing, this isn’t an issue. If you are? Definitely not the holster for you.

    It’s the only concealed carry option I’ve ever seen that works with a tucked in shirt and belt. The only downside is that you have a heavy object sitting on your junk when you’re sitting down – this can become uncomfortable if you sit a lot, and that the belt always rides up above your waist in the back after you’ve had it on for a little bit.

    You don’t have to wear it at the 12 o’clock position either – it works fairly well at the 2 o’clock position, and usually is masked very nicely by anything that might be in my pocket.

    Not as comfortable as IWB carry, but much, much better for concealment.

    • avatarMichael says:

      Do you guys feel like the trigger is guarded enough to prevent an AD when carrying with a round in the chamber and no safety? How thick/stiff is the fabric covering trigger?

  12. avatarkiller99 says:

    Must be a bitch to take a piss.

  13. avatarRich says:

    No…no…I said it’s a holster for my *Glock*

  14. avatargirlswithguns says:

    Wow, if I wear this positioned effectively with tight pants I could really confuse people. Might work better than the foil-wrapped cucumber. :D

    • avatarTodd94590 says:

      ten points for a Spinal Tap reference.
      100 points available if you can remember which band member it was…

  15. avatarGus says:

    I have one of these from another manufacturer (ThunderWear!). I like it. Its very convenient when I have to go with shirt tucked in. However,.. don’t try a revolver with a hammer. The hammer spur sticks in your gut. I’ve carried a KelTec PF-9 and a 32, but hammerless revolvers carry the best IMO. I carry a Ruger LCR and forget its there. I bought a 2nd one at the local gunshow just recently for $30. $56 seems steep.

  16. avatarJerry Scurry says:

    The NRA is the most discussing collection of people on earth!

  17. avatarSUBMOA says:

    Mr. Scurry, I am sure you have not a clue that the majority of law enforcement, wich your tax dollars help fund are proud N.R.A. card carrying members. They are also the same “discussing” people that have protected ignorant peoples like yourself selflessly. p.s. buy a dictionary.

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