Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Pippa Middleton’s Gun-Brandishing Friend

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for European royalty when it comes to guns. Well, gun safety really. First, the 13-year old grandson of Spain’s King Juan Carlos shoots himself in the foot with a shotgun. Then the king himself is embroiled in controversy over the optics of his going elephant hunting in Botswana while Spain’s economy is in the toilet. Those, however, are but minor bumps in the road compared to what happened in Paris yesterday . . .

Pippa Middleton, sister of the future queen of England and known by ga-ga tabloid editors and commoners alike as Her Royal Hotness, was a passenger in a convertible that was being closely followed by – go figure – a papparazzo. Whoever was driving figured the best way to get rid of a guy with a camera was to waive a pistol around as a not-so-subtle warning to back the hell off. ‘Cause who’s gonna find out, right? Pippa evidently isn’t hanging around with Mensans.

Under Byzantine French law, even though she was only a passenger in the car, Pippa could be liable for criminal charges. Or so says.

The source confirmed that if the gun was REAL, brandishing it in a public place is punishable by up to seven years’ jail “for all parties involved”.

Even if it was FAKE the maximum jail term is two years. The source said: “Certainly if you were in a car and knew somebody was using a gun to warn people off you’d be liable to arrest.”

Somehow we think that the sister of the future queen will manage to skate on any potential legal entanglements.

A security source said: “Waving a weapon in public is not only illegal — it’s incredibly stupid.”

‘Nuff said.