How Many More USC Students Have to Die in and Around Their Gun-Free Campus?

USC’s down a couple of grad students. A campus cop just shot a wayward community member after he’d robbed four other students at gunpoint. And that was just in the last week. Oh, wait. The ‘C’ in USC stands for California, right? Silly me. So even if, by some miracle, the school’s administration could be persuaded to allow students the privilege of armed self defense (as if), they’d pretty much have to move the campus to Nevada. Or Arizona maybe. From “USC will increase the number of public safety patrol cars and officers in the neighborhoods near campus. It has also invested in video cameras, license plate recognition cameras and ‘security ambassadors’ to patrol the streets bordering the campus.” Those, um, security ambassadors will no doubt be a great comfort not only to the dead students’ parents but the also the parents of the school’s 31,000 other young scholars.