Heizer Introduces Winter Combat DoubleTap Model

OK, so they’re not really calling this the Winter Combat model. Heizer’s actually calling the albino version of their soon-to-be-released (fingers crossed!) double-barreled pocket gun the Hedy Jane. They’ve obviously decided that pink guns aren’t the only way to reach the female gun buyer. Like the other DoubleTaps, the HJ will be offered in your favorite combination of .45 or 9mm, titanium or aluminum, ported or not. Specs, including MSRPs, after the jump:

Caliber:           9mm/.45 ACP
Weight:           14 ounces titanium/12 ounces aluminum
Width:             .665 inches
Length:            5.5 inches
Height:            3.9 inches
Barrel:             3.0 inches stainless steel
Frame:             Titanium or Aluminum
Finish:              white Cerakote™
MSRP:              $729.00 non-ported Titanium
$799.00 ported Titanium
$499.00 non-ported Aluminum
$569.00 ported Aluminum