George Zimmerman Charged In Trayvon Martin Shooting

Forida State Attorney Angela Corey will hold a press conference at 6:00p Eastern to announce the charges she’ll bring against George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin. She’ll announce the state charges Zimmerman will face, but the volunteer neighborhood watch captain still faces a federal investigation into any civil rights violations that may have occurred. Zimmerman’s attorneys withdrew from the case yesterday due to lack of contact from their client. CNN is reporting that Zimmerman has been taken into custody.

UPDATE: After an Academy Awards-length list of thank-yous to various supporting players and an interminable preamble, Angela Cory – in full-makeup and wearing an incongruous grin for the cameras – announced that she is charging George Zimmerman with second degree murder.

As our friend Ralph laid out, this outcome was virtually pre-ordained when she took over the investigation. It’s being reported by CNN and other outlets that Zimmerman has procured a new attorney skilled in handling high profile cases and media relations, skills that will certainly be needed in the months (years?) leading up to the trial. Let the circus begin. Well, continue.