Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Tables Turned Edition

Landrum Photos

If you needed a reminder to carry your gun, you don’t need to do much more than read the story of the unidentified woman from Landrum, South Carolina who was attacked as she left work early Sunday morning and was approached by two attackers. “When I tried to get back away from them, he shoved me up against the door and I felt the gun in my back pocket and I was like, ‘Dang, I’ve got that gun.’ I forgot it,” she said. “I said, ‘I’ve got a lot of money. I’ve got a lot of money in my back pocket.’ I said, ‘I’ll give you what I got.’” She gave it to ’em, alright . . .

Sunday must have been her lucky day because the woman told police that was the first time she’d carried the gun. That’s why she initially forgot she had it in her back pocket.

The 41-year-old woman had left through the back door of her business at about 1 a.m.  She said she got her car from the parking lot, and pulled up to the back door to retrieve an umbrella she had left inside. She said when she stepped back outside, two men confronted her.

She said when she asked the men what they wanted, one of them jerked her necklace off and the other man tore her earrings out of her ears.

The woman said that the men shoved her up against the door and told her to open it and get inside. She said when she refused and told them the door was locked, one man punched her in the jaw several times. The police report said one of the men yanked down her shirt and bra and grabbed her breasts.

“I don’t think robbery was the main agenda with them because my car was running, my purse was in it, my business checkbook, my laptop, everything and my cash.”

Probably not. She managed to get a shot off with her .32 and while it’s not clear if she actually hit either of them, it was more than enough to send both of them tear-assing down the street as fast as possible. They even dropped the jewelry they’d grabbed.

Looking back, the woman told,

“That won’t happen again, or if so, I’ll have a bigger gun,” she said. “I’m not giving up. They’re not going to win. They’re not going to scare me off.”

She said, “Every woman needs to get a concealed weapons permit and carry a gun, because it hadn’t been for that, I wouldn’t be here.”

Kinda says it all, no?