Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Little Old Lady Edition

“A burglary suspect on (San Antonio’s) east side learned that even little old ladies may be packing heat.” When Fannie Mae Brown woke up to the sound of someone breaking into her home, she did what any 89-year-old woman would do to protect herself. Knowing she’d be no match for the burglar physically, she picked up a tool designed to equalize things a little . . .

She reached for her .38 revolver. From

Fannie Mae Brown says she saw the burglar’s flashlight inside the house and realized the intruder was headed toward her bedroom. She fired one shot toward the light, police said, which sent the suspect running off into the night.

Gosh. An old woman who’d otherwise be defenseless against a burglar intent on God-knows-what was able to protect herself because she owns a gun. Chances are, she’d never had a self-defense lesson or had even been to a shooting range.

She just made like Nikon – point and shoot. “Brown said she will be keeping her gun next to her from now on.” Why didn’t we think of that?