Irresponsible Gun Owner Of The Day: Steven Dozier

We all know it’s impossible to herd cats, right? Steven Dozier (not pictured), a 35 year old resident of Yacolt, Washington discovered yesterday that hunting them can be more dangerous than it looks . . .

From the Vancouver, Washington Columbian:

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office and North Country EMS responded to a reported accidental shooting…just after 5:30 p.m. Thursday. A man called 911 to report his son had shot himself in the foot, according to emergency radio traffic monitored at The Columbian.

Deputies found Steven Dozier, 35, at the address with a gunshot wound to the left foot, said Sgt. Fred Neiman, sheriff’s office spokesman.

Dozier went outside the home and was attempting to load a .22-caliber, semi-automatic rifle when it discharged into his foot. Dozier told deputies he was going to shoot at a feral cat that has been running around their place, Neiman said.

It’s been rainy as hell in these parts for the last few weeks, and my ever-so-slightly educated guess is that this Great White Hunter rested the muzzle of his 10/.22 on his left foot to keep it out of the mud while he fiddled with its magazine or slide release, or maybe the safety. And then, muzzle-on-foot, Mr. Dozier decided to test the trigger by pulling it.

Since no one ever explained the Four Rules to Mr. Dozier, I’ll provide him with his own personalized and customized version. These should be easy for him to remember, even after his foot heals and he completes physical therapy:

  • Treat Every Gun As Though It Is Loaded, Especially If You’re Thinking About Pointing It At Your Foot
  • Never Point A Gun At Your Foot, And I Mean It
  • Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Gun Is No Longer Pointed At Your Foot, Not That It Should Have Been Pointed There Anyway
  • Remember That Your Foot Does Not Stop Bullets Very Well, So Be Sure To Have A Good Backstop Behind Your Target That Is Not Your Foot

Jeff Cooper would turn over in his grave…