Gear Review Update: Kholster Crescent IWB Holster

Last month’s review of the Kholster Crescent IWB hybrid holster generated a tremendous response from our readers. Your comments were numerous and well-reasoned (h/t to Rabbi) and showed me the enormity of the Kholster’s only significant fault: the difficulty of obtaining a proper firing grip before drawing your pistol. That fault became more and more bothersome to me as I trained with the holster, and I needed to fix it or get a new holster…

The photo above shows the Kholster Crescent as it came from the manufacturer. Its rounded Pac-Man shape hints at why it’s called the ‘Crescent’, but also shows how the upper leather presses against your CCW pistol’s grip and messes with your presentation.

Acting on your suggestions, I decided to see if I could improve the Kholster design by triming away the excess leather. I traced an enlarged outline of the slide onto the leather backing, took a deep breath, and cut along the line with a wood chisel.

I chopped away the leather next to the pistol’s grip, leaving only a large tab to keep the slide from rubbing against me. Cutting through the full-grain leather was difficult; my 3/4″ chisel took four or five solid whacks with a plastic mallet to make a clean cut.

The end product would look more polished if I had some proper leather-working tools, but your suggestions have led to a vastly improved holster. It’s more concealable than the stock Crescent pattern, since there’s much less light-colored cowhide trying to peek out from beneath your cover garment or print through it.

More importantly, it now allows a proper presentation. Instead of forcing me to make an awkward presentation and then adjust my grip, I can now draw the pistol and bring it to bear instantly with a proper firing grip.

I’ll be forwarding both of these articles to Kholster and suggesting that they might want to offer these modifications themselves.