10 Quick Rounds With the Caracal C: Not Your Daily Dose Of Muzzle Flip


When Joe Grine and I shot our ‘Muzzle Flip‘ video, my old friend took some heat for the way his old-school Modified Weaver stance didn’t exactly nullify what recoil the SIG P6, Glock 17 and Steyr M9 produced.

In response to your criticism, however, I decided to shoot a quick string with the Caracal C using the more modern high-thumb Isosceles hold I’m trying to adopt. The camera does jump around a little bit, but the gun itself has almost no jump at all…

The Isosceles hold is working pretty well (when I remember to use it) and I know some of you will be astonished/disgusted that Joe and I were using such a Pre-Cambrian technique as the modified Weaver stance. In our defense, I’d just point out that we cut our shooting teeth in the early-mid 1980s, when the Weaver stance was the (slightly bent) bee’s knees.

As many of you have noticed, the Caracal C 9mm is strangely similar to the Steyr M9. Okay, maybe the resemblance isn’t so eerie: both guns were designed by Herr Wilhelm Bubits, an Austrian engineer who has also worked for Glock. Joe and I haven’t compared them side-to-side yet, but they seem to have almost everything that matters in common.