First Booth Babe of the Day

Actually the Media Rep. for the United Sportsman’s Youth Foundation . . .


About Bruce W. Krafft

I am a bit of a Johnny-come-lately to the civil rights (firearms flavor) movement, having not really gotten involved until after I hit 40. I am not really a "gun guy"; I can generally hit what I aim at, but I'm not a competitive shooter. I enjoy the craftsmanship of a fine pistol or rifle, but I am not particularly knowledgeable about firearms in general nor am I a Glock guy, or 1911 guy, I'm just a guy. What I am is passionate about civil rights, especially those of the firearm flavor.

17 Responses to First Booth Babe of the Day

  1. avatarEsemwy says:


  2. avatarMoonshine7102 says:

    Pay attention, Nick. Bruce knows what the fvck he’s doing.

  3. avatarSanchanim says:


  4. avatarGS650G says:


  5. avatarJason says:

    I’m a… youthful… sportsman…

  6. avatarfreeport56 says:


  7. avatarJS III says:

    NRA has some HOT women, way better than anything at the SHOT show.

  8. avatarMike S says:

    I’m a guy that generally prefers the girl-next-door type….but damn.

  9. avatarRalph says:

    Whoa. Just . . . whoa. She’s definitely packing.

  10. avatarJOE MATAFOME says:

    Nice guns, but it would have been nice if she were holding a pistol or some evil assault rifle.

  11. avatarSCS says:

    BOOBS!!!! Oh sorry, what were you saying??

  12. avatarWade says:

    If THAT doesn’t get the youth involved, it’s a lost cause…

  13. avatarMatt in FL says:

    The old saying is that “Youth is wasted on the young.” Well, I’m pretty sure that young lady is wasted on the youthful sportsmen.

  14. avatarAharon says:

    Got milk?

  15. avatarNUGUN says:

    A lot of blind youth out there….

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