Follow-Up On The Romney Speech

In yesterday’s post about Mitt’s speech I paraphrased his comments on Fast & Furious:

Oh, he did bring up Fast & Furious; nothing about Brian Terry or Jaime Zapata but he did thank the NRA for pushing the story and pushing for Holder’s resignation or termination (job termination; go away Secret Service). Hmm, I wonder what Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea think about that?

I came into the Press Room this morning and was asked what I thought of Romney’s speech . . .

I said quite frankly that it was vapid and lacked substance, but he’d really oissed me off by crediting the NRA for unearthing Fast & Furious, when it was War on Guns blogger David Codrea and Sipsey Street Irregular Matt Vanderboegh who actually had been jumping up and down, yelling, screaming, banging pots and pans and begging the NRA or MSM to pay attention.

Oh no, this gentleman informed me (and I didn’t get his name, sorry, he split while I was fussing with my computer). Chris Cox had been on top of the situation for a year before David and Mike jumped in and used the information Cox had gathered to write their posts.

“A year before Brian Terry was killed” I asked?

“Just talk to Chris Cox” he replied, “he’ll be happy to tell you about it.”

According to him, since the Administration was blaming the NRA for trafficking guns to the narco-terrorists, the NRA started investigating in self-defense.

So I e-mailed David (Mike still working through complications from surgery), explained the situation and asked: Comments? And can I quote you?

Here is David’s reply, verbatim and in toto:

He’s full of shit. Yes, you may quote me.