Palm Beach Post Guest Columnist and Gun Grabber Tom Gabor is Entitled to His Own Opinion. But Not His Own Facts

In Guns for self-defense mean more costs, not more benefits, Palm Beach Post guest columnist Tom Gabor writes: “The shooting death of Trayvon Martin has brought into focus the use of firearms in self-defense. Florida has been a leader in enacting laws that authorize the use of lethal force (“stand your ground”), promote the carrying of […]

“Homer Simpson’s Dumber Brother” Is Back

Former U.S.ambassador Dan Simpson is once again weighing in on the gun issue. Some of you may remember the “modest proposal” he came out with shortly after the VA Tech shootings, and while it does not contain ideas like: The disarmament process would begin after the initial three-month amnesty his proposals are still unacceptable. Perhaps he needs […]

Higher Education Analysis of the Day: Blame the Guns

Kevin Jersey of the Los Angeles Valley College Valley Star has decided to grace us with his thoroughly researched, amply foot-noted fact-based analysis of campus shootings and the broader question of “gun violence”. Or not. “Early this month, seven people were killed at Oikos University in Oakland, Calif. A former nursing student, upset that he had been […]

Teaching The New York Times About Teaching Kids About Guns

  Yesterday’s The New York Times ran a piece in their Education section entitled Second Amendment and Beyond: Pondering Gun Rights, Laws and Culture. Bloggers Holly Epstein Ojalvo and Katherine Schulten offered readers five ways to use the Times to teach children about firearms. RF emailed me the link, suspecting that the writers had biased the discussion in favor […]

Shell Carrier for High Speed Reloads

AP Customs makes stuff for competitive shooters (and, one would assume, competition shooters). Although I have not yet gotten into 3-gun or similar competitions the shell carrier that I saw today looks like an elegant solution for quick reloads of non-mag fed semi-auto shotguns (video after break).

Follow-Up On The Romney Speech

In yesterday’s post about Mitt’s speech I paraphrased his comments on Fast & Furious: Oh, he did bring up Fast & Furious; nothing about Brian Terry or Jaime Zapata but he did thank the NRA for pushing the story and pushing for Holder’s resignation or termination (job termination; go away Secret Service). Hmm, I wonder what Mike […]