What Could Possibly Go Wrong: TTK Edition

Nope. That’s not a Glock, although it looks the same and uses some of its parts. Our friend Hyperprapor Alexandr (or is that Alexandr Hyperprapor) sent us a link to the AKBS TTK Less Lethal Pistol. “The TTK is a modernized version of the Russian TT pistol and it uses TT magazines,” the firearmblog.com reports. “It is chambered in the less-lethal 10х28mm rubber ball round but the company plans on producing a lethal 9x19mm version in the future.” And just in case that’s not confusing enough to confuse people (both shooters and law enforcement), “The 10x28mm less lethal round was developed to be as close as possible in shape to a conventional 9x19mm round. This allows 9mm pistols to be converted to a less lethal configuration.”