U.S. Supports Russian Gun Exports to Syria. And?

“Should the U.S. be continuing to pay Russian defense companies that are party to supplying Syria with arms?” CNN asks. Who the hell knows? International politics is like that 3D chess game Spock used to play—only the players are blindfolded and everyone cheats. No wonder the human rights advocate rousted for this report qualifies her response to the point of incomprehensibility. “[We shouldn’t sell arms to foreign governments] so long as long as they are being used to commit human rights violations to a large scale against unarmed civilians.” So if the Russian arms are being used to kill people without violating their human rights on a small scale against armed civilians it’s OK?” If you think politics makes strange bedfellows, war makes for an endless series of kinky websites where real people die. Or something like that.


  1. avatar Michael B. says:

    I wish we would stop meddling in the affairs of these countries. What good did it do in Libya? Well, a corrupt nutball dictator was overthrown and radical Islamist carrion feeders have moved in. The same thing happened in Egypt, only that situation is more toxic due to the whole Egypt – Israeli Peace Treaty possibly being put in jeopardy.

    We can’t be everyone’s hero and we shouldn’t try. What does our meddling get us, anyway? Typically nothing but dead Americans, wasted money and severe blowback.

    1. avatar Tom says:

      The thing about meddling is what if the government that you prop up or the opposition you support does not turn out the way you want it to be.

      1. avatar NCG says:

        That’s what he means by blowback.

  2. avatar Jeff O. says:

    That is the best description of International politics I’ve ever heard.

  3. avatar Tom says:

    Time for more Fast and Furious to Syria?
    Maybe Eric Holder could arm the Syrians?

  4. avatar Charlie says:

    America seems to have a “shite happens” foreign policy. Blow this up, prop him up, tear him down, and hope it works. Blame failure on “anti-democratic forces” and take credit for the increasingly few victories.

  5. avatar NCG says:

    The largest official buyer of AKM pattern rifles is the Pentagon. That’s more than a few rifles.

    The U.S. finds itself at a loss with the whole Arab Spring thing – we like democracy, right? Well, not so much. But where does the U.S. stand? The U.S. was sucking up to Ghadafi (forgive my spelling), until it wasn’t. The black ops folks have been rendering people to Syria for years. We backed the totalitarian regime in Egypt, until we didn’t. The 5th Fleet is still based in that haven of free thinking, Bahrain.

    Don’t think that your leaders give a rat’s ass about freedom or democracy, here or abroad. It’s only about power and control. Are the Russians bad? Yep. Is the U.S. any better? I doubt it.

    1. avatar The Arab says:


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