Rep. Kelly Hearts All-American Cabot Guns. Now Will You Spend $5k for an 1911?


TTAG’s spilled a lot of electrons in our coverage of Cabot Guns. The high-end, aircraft industry-related company wowed us at SHOT with a demonstration of 1911s with fully interchangeable parts so tight they [insert inappropriate sexual metaphor here]. Cabot’s also given us the $4567 tour of their ultra-modern facilities. What they haven’t done: send us a gun to test at 1000 yards. Oh wait, that’s Karl Lippard. To tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. Still, there will come a day when we’ll be able to get on the House floor and proclaim that $5k’s not a lot to pay for a 1911 whose tolerances don’t vary by more than 2/10,000th of an inch. Meanwhile, we’re all over a Cabot “better than custom” RangeMaster. Review to follow.


  1. avatar Peter says:

    I’d definitely pay $5k for a real left handed 1911.

    1. avatar Blake says:

      Look for a Randall 1911, used.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t spend $1911 for a 1911.

  3. avatar Mike OFWG says:

    I traded a Winchester Ranger .357 (paid under $300 several years ago) and $300 for a Kimber Ultra Carry II. Have only been the range once. I first took a six o’clock hold, but the 230 grain PMC hardball printed about 4 – 5 inches low. Next I tried center hold and was about an inch low, all at seven yards. I forget, I thought the heavier the bullet, the higher the point of impact, but maybe there are other variables. I have fixed sights and not much front sight to take down as they are night sights. I suppose before I fool around with the sights, I need to try some different ammo.

  4. avatar Josh says:

    Any plans by Cabot to offer a more…. economical model?

  5. avatar Big J says:

    Another outrageously expensive 1911. Whoopdy-do. At least Cabot didn’t go all super tacticool and explain why their guns are built to the highest of the high speed operator standards. I guess that’s a step in the right direction.

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