Question of the Day: Are Shrinking Police Budgets a Good Thing?

“Every morning, Gabriel Martinez slides a black 9-millimeter pistol into a leather holster over his jeans and thinks about his son,” reports. “Five-year-old Gabrielito was struck by a stray bullet when a man opened fire on Mr. Martinez’s taco truck in East Oakland on New Year’s Eve as Gabrielito played nearby . . . Before Gabrielito’s death, the men and women who operate the food trucks along International Boulevard, which slices through the heart of East Oakland, accepted the frequent robberies as a cost of doing business. But Gabrielito’s death has made many realize that the crime that endangers their businesses also endangers the dream of providing a better future for their families.” Local pols finger police cutbacks as the root of the problem. Maybe so. Or maybe it’s less police = more guns = less crime. Your thoughts? [h/t LeftShooter]