OMG! Cop Killer Bullets! They’re BACK! OMG!

Let’s pick up the‘s story of an armed turnstile jumper in the middle of the article. “When the cops checked out the bulge, they found a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson. Toting a concealed weapon is bad enough, cops said. But Sanabria’s alleged turnstile blunder was even worse because the weapon was loaded with notorious hollow-point bullets. The bullets are designed to expand upon impact and do greater damage to an intended target than full-metal-jacket bullets. ‘A hollow-point spreads out and tears up tissue and muscle, and it’s much more likely to stop you,’ a police official said . . .

He added that some law-enforcement agencies use hollow-point bullets because they lose power on first impact and there is less danger that a fragment will continue on its way and hurt someone else.

“Most civilians don’t carry hollow-points because they are more expensive,” said Kenneth Cooper, a certified New York state firearms and use-of-force instructor.

“Most people use bottom-basement ammunition,” he added.

The bottom line, Della Fave said, is “hollow-point bullets are designed to do great damage.”

As opposed to . . . ? [h/t to BLAMMO]