New from Wilson Combat: .38 Super Super Sentinel

“Where others have failed we have succeeded,” Wilson Combat proclaims, modestly enough. “The new ($3875) Super Sentinel is the most concealable .38 Super automatic pistol on the market today.” Kinda like the world’s most expensive fire-resistant paper hat? Don’t be churlish! “Loaded with quality defensive .38 Super ammunition the Super Sentinel generates .357 magnum-level energy with every shot and exceeds the power of +P+ 9mm rounds with the famed reliability and match grade accuracy of the .38 Super cartridge.” Never heard of .38 Super for self-defense? “The Super Sentinel launches a typical defensive load like our 115 grain TAC-XP loading at approximately 1250 fps.” No word on whether Wilson will make variants in .38 Supercomp, .38 Super Lapua and/or .38 TJ (.38 Todd Jarrett). JK. I think.