Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Jan Morgan


Great pro-2A stuff. BUT—skip to 3:00. “And you’re aiming it at me,” one of the Politichicks mentions to her Glock-toting guest, with entirely understandable apprehension. “It’s empty,” Jan Morgan replies proceeding to show that the weapon is clear. How reassuring. And that clearing process? WAY too perfunctory for me. And even for those who think it’s OK to laser someone (including themselves) with an empty gun Morgan’s safety check is WAY too late. Four rules to unite us all people. Four rules.


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35 Responses to Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Jan Morgan

  1. avatarTim Tritt says:

    Careful – three attractive ladies showing their legs. People will get upset.

    In all seriousness though – you could point to hundreds (thousands?) of videos with people not following one or two of the rules. And I certainly think it is important to always focus on safety.

    However Jan Morgan is doing more good than harm, even with this “mistake”. There are plenty of other knuckleheads out there that are not doing the “gun-rights” movement any good to choose as your IGOTD.

    We tend to highlight rather frequently the “good guys”. It seems to me we should keep the ammo dry for the “bad guys”.

    • avatarmmasse says:

      All it takes is one negligent discharge and that show would have ended differently. The 4 rules exist for a reason and the minute people dismiss them is when someone gets hurt. Plenty of negligent discharges to prove this as fact so why even take a chance?

      • avatarTim Tritt says:

        Yes – and we have no idea what happened prior to coming on the air, the production of shows and “behind the scenes” is not always obvious.

        • avatarmmasse says:

          Granted; I did not see behind the scenes and a stage hand could have cleared it prior. Regardless I do not care if they had Jeff Cooper’s ghost on there to clear the firearm you do not use it as a wand. Waving at her co-hosts is disrespectful and it highlights poor weapon handling. She needs a remedial safety class

        • avatarTim Tritt says:

          I was wrong – in fact, she probably should never had the gun on the set to begin with. Aren’t there laws against that?

          She should have used a blue training gun.

        • avatarVan says:

          Yeah, bringing the gun on the set was not the best idea. She has people to the left and right of her, camera crew in front, etc. The only safe direction was down, with the slide locked back.

    • avatarJosh says:

      I think its important to show that, without constant vigilance, any of us can become the IGOotD. There are plenty of folks who know all the rules, hell they even taught them to us.. who have that one day where they slip. Usually there are no consequences (like Jan Morgan’s case), but sometimes a person who knows better will have a negligent discharge. This illustrates that.
      Lets not pick and choose who we point out on that..

      Also, can we please decouple gun rights from all of the conservative talk radio stuff. “one of us”? I agree with her on 2A, but other than that..

      • avatarNR says:

        Respectfully, I disagree. People who earn IGOTD aren’t usually people who simply forget a rule or accidentally laser someone. They’re people who decide that one or more of the rules does not apply to them.

        It doesn’t take “constant vigilance” to avoid making that decision.

        It’s no big deal if you accidentally laser someone– as long as (a) your finger was off the trigger of a gun you were otherwise handling as if it were loaded, and (b) you recognize that you broke a rule and that you shouldn’t do it again. That can happen to anybody, and does all the time. It’s only when you decide that a rule isn’t important that you become a danger to people, because you’ve reduced the number of simultaneous accidents that must occur in order for someone to get hurt.

        +1 on the second point. Guns are great, but Rush is still a blowhard.

      • avatarTim Tritt says:

        Wow – I didn’t realize “one of us” was code for Conservative Radio. It would seem to me your misunderstanding of the term “friendly”, as in someone who supports the 2A and Gun Rights, and infer I was using code in support of Conservative Politics says much more about you than me. FLAME DELETED

      • avatarRobert Farago says:

        Fair enough. “One of us” deleted.

        • avatarTim Tritt says:

          Good grief – I thought long and hard to find a “nice” word too.

    • I don’t get upset about their legs, pre se, but when a group or show or whatever it is, the Politichicks uses that lipstick kissing logl, they are pathetic and not worthy of serious consideration.

      The one that did all the talking just said the same old NRA lines that you guys love to repeat.

      She’s wrong about the UN Treaty being a threat to the 2A. Same old blah blah blah.

      And as you pointed out her gun handling was poor.

      What was that mention about Islam? Is she one of those fanatics too?

  2. avatarBuuurr says:

    I think the way the gun is treated in this instance is as if it is a novelty. She is tapping it around the barrel and cupping the business end in her hands repeatedly. I think being comfortable with a gun in bad ways will lead to being uncomfortably shot one day.

  3. avatarbrigo05 says:

    What exactly is this “clip” thing that she keeps talking about. Hair clips? Pisses me off to no end when people call that magazine thing that somehow doesn’t have any pages in it a “clip”.
    YOU’RE advertising my second amendment rights AND insulting my intelligence at the same time. Kudos.
    ps- Dear Tim Tritt, 3 attractive ladies? I only saw one, blonde, attractive, lady.

  4. avatarVan says:

    It is a magazine, not a clip.

    • avatarCasey says:

      This is not the military, that requires a stringent specific language to be consistently correct. People use various different words and phrases to refer to their weapons, such as rifle, long weapon, packing heat, boom stick, etc… Now, if you are in a technical discussion where the differentiation is pertinent to an understanding, then it should be elaborated on and technical meaning established. If I say, “my wheel went flat on me”, I think one could deduce the meaning, even though technically I should have said,” tire”. But who is the actual idiot in the end, the word abuser, or the one holding up progress and missing the point?

  5. avatarJoe Grine says:

    Yikes. I cringed when I saw that. “Don’t worry, It’s not loaded!” Famous last words, which are too often followed by a “Bang!”

  6. avatarJwhite says:

    Why do they want to take our guns away? Excuse me, did she just say “socialism” Written off completely. And yeah, that ridiculous safety check was out of this world. She let the slide go home and you hear that *click* I cringed.

  7. avatarKevin T says:

    pointing an empty gun at somebody doesn’t make it ok.

  8. avatarDaveL says:

    A safety check without looking or feeling into the chamber is just a broken extractor check. If you pull the trigger and the gun fires, that’s how you know your extractor isn’t working.

  9. avatarFOD says:

    “WAY too perfunctory for me”

    Not just perfunctory, but potentially deadly. Watch again, she racks the slide, then pulls the trigger to show it’s not loaded.
    Bad, bad, bad practice.
    The only time you should pull the trigger as part of clearing a weapon is when the muzzle is stuck in the hole in that big red can filled with sand.

  10. avatarJack says:

    Her actions were extremely reckless. She needs remedial training in gun safety, or she should not handle guns (or act as an authority on the subject).

  11. avatarRopingdown says:

    Did you notice how quickly she spoke? Moved? My first reaction was, jeez, she’s doing a show, she brought a real gun, she’s handling it like it was a toy, and either she took three NoDoze or she took something stronger. I thought the women to her left and right handled it well. I’d have left the studio.

  12. avatarDerry M says:

    Ok, after watching the video and the casual (read that dangerously irresponsible) way Ms. Morgan cleared the pistol and handled it subsequently, count me on the “OMG! I can’t believe she did that!” side of this discussion.

    What’s far, far worse is that the show is on YouTube where young and/or impressionable folks (aka children and teens and adult gun “newbies”) can see it and get the entirely wrong idea about how to handle a gun among other people you are not defending against.

    I can’t even recall her talking points for being so appalled by this gun “mishandling”. I sure hope she takes some of the “corrective advice” in the YouTube comments to heart.

  13. avatarLevi B says:

    You don’t always get punished for breaking the rules, but guns carry some of the harshest penalties for screwing up.

  14. avatarKeith D says:

    Jan Morgan is probably one of the most arrogant, proud and flat out dangerous individuals to ever own a gun. Someone should seriously do a background check, foreground check, any form of check on this person. Even with her list of credentials, she has to be one of the most insecure and defensive individuals I’ve ever encountered. She is forever talking about God and Christianity, yet she is one of the most abrasive and seriously hate filled people, again, I have EVER encountered. Her actions are far from Christian of conservative, and she obviously has a screw or two lose, cause Christians don’t pose with machine guns and threatening messages! I sat and watched this crazy person go ballistic on a really nice gentleman for simply asking who she was. I mean, what kind of ego must this individual have when even the most basic of questions sends her off in a rage filled, temper tantrum? Remember people …I said it here today, Jan Morgan is a danger to this nation and I sincerely hope she doesn’t hurt someone before she can be stopped!

  15. avatarDavid Jackson says:

    I agree with the above post by Keith concerning Jan Morgan. I think I saw the situation you are speaking of, on her facebook page? If I remember right, the guy asked her who she was and she went crazy on him and began insulting him, claiming he was unintelligent because he didn’t read her bio or something? I took from it, shes a has been who is having a problem dealing with getting old and not being in the lime light any longer, if ever. My question is, if she is suppose to be this award winning AP journalist, then why does she only have a facebook page, no website, nothing! High school kids have fb pages, so that certainly doesn’t mean much at all these days. In a way it appears she may be lying about her credits and that’s why she goes crazy when challenged on the subject or something, who knows right? It might be a good idea for gun owners to find another person to represent them, someone more creditable!

  16. avatarDavid Jackson says:

    I want to say one more thing ….after watching this video it’s blatantly obvious Jan Morgan is using the gun issue to keep herself in the lime light, cause it’s obvious she hasn’t taken a gun handling course or if she has, then she’s not intelligent enough to remember what she learned, either way, she is dangerous! First of all, you NEVER point a gun at anyone unless you plan to use it, even if YOU THINK it isn’t loaded. Could you believe that, she points the gun at the co-host, then says, “don’t worry it’s not loaded, I know”. Do you know how many people have been killed by a gun that was not supposed to be loaded? I can say with surety, if Jan did that at any of the hunting clubs I’ve belonged to, they would run her butt off immediately, citing she’s an amateur and they would be right! I also agree with the other post where some are pointing out the fact, Jan is teaching people how to quickly get killed in a gun accident. Jan is the conservative Obama, full of crap and a legend in only her own mind! This quote,” show,” unquote, now has creditability issues! I mean, what’s the point, to show people exact how not to handle a gun? Please tell me Jan doesn’t have children?

  17. avatarMG says:

    I thought I was the only one that thought these things about Jan Morgan too. I recently “unfriended” her on Facebook. She is really full of herself I find. I am a female and I like to shoot like millions of other Americans. But I would never be so arrogant to believe – even if were an expert – that I hold the market on gun rights and shooting. I completely agree with you. She is by no means a gun expert. This video is some of the proof. I am a Texan too and I was taught gun safety in NUMBER ONE. My husband didn’t pass a guy in a concealed carry course for a student sweeping the other day. The guy was furious, but that is how serious we are about sweeping. Further, Jan doesn’t like other conservative women posing with firearms or posting any pictures like this on her website/pages- too much competition or something. I posted one of myself on her page and she swiped it off in two minutes. She doesn’t like anyone stealing her thunder – which to me, is very contrary to what the 2nd Amendment is all about. I wrote her a note and reminded her what I learned from our US military: to be a true champion you have to make others champions. I feel like she believes she holds the market on women and guns and an expert on radical Islam. She’s not one on either. I agree with most of her stands but she does it in a way that almost seems like she is feeding off the theme for her own popularity, and most of her friends are males. She preaches from a condescending stance; she’s not down on the ground with us. Half the stuff she talks about we all get already. It’s like she’s pushing really hard to be the poster child woman for anti-jihad. Support our military, gun manufacturers, and the NRA if you feel that way! If you’re going to try to be this rockstar female figure in the media that carves her image out of shooting, you have to do it on behalf of other women (and men) too. Otherwise you look really full of yourself. I have a MA in counterterrorism, devoted 5 years to studying it because I am so concerned about jihad in our nation. But I STILL do not consider myself any kind of expert; in fact, I realized at the end how much I DON’T know, how much more I have to learn. Jan Morgan doesn’t have any credentials or formal education in this particular area, but she comes off as if she does. I did not know about the footage where she becomes furious with this man, but this really adds to my bad impression of this woman. I do not think she is adding much legitimacy for the gun rights sector or the anti-jihad sector either, and those two things matter to me very much.

  18. avatarDrSique says:

    At a school I was attending, there was a photo posted of the hand of a police officer who had accidentally put an AD through his own hand. If I remember correctly, he was using HyrdaShock hollow points when it went off. I will never forget that picture but, isn’t that the whole point?

  19. avatarJan Morgan says:

    “I am writing in response to the post naming me irresponsible gun owner of the day. I feel your assessment of the situation is unfair in that you do not know all the circumstances surrounding this episode of the show. What you are unaware of is :
    1) I had personally checked the gun 30 minutes before the taping of the show.
    2) I disassembled the gun in that same time period to teach one of the other ladies on the set how to clean a glock.
    3) From the time I cleaned the gun until the moment the show tape began rolling, that gun never left my hand.
    4) All people on the set knew the chamber was empty, the magazine was empty and that it had remained in my possession ..
    5) Because the studio was full of camera and production crew which surrounded our set, 18 people total, there was absolutely no direction that gun could have been pointed at all times (other than the floor) that it would not have been aimed in someones direction
    6) The purpose behind this show was to get people interested in the 2nd Amendment and to alleviate fear of guns.. Had I handled it pointed at the floor at all times during the show, knowing it was unloaded, I would have, myself, looked as if I was afraid and ill at ease with a firearm.
    Finally, I have difficulty understanding why you shoot down people who are on the same side as you are regarding 2nd Amendment issues and pro gun.. All gun owners who are perfect, please step forward… Would that be you?”
    Jan Morgan

    • avatarBill Stevenson says:

      Nobody believes you Jan, and that comes from knowing how egotistical and empty you are. Gun owners are appalled by your lack of awareness, and trying to defend it look you did makes it even worse.
      Just another right-wing blowhard blowing nonsense to egotisitical idiots.

  20. avatarAnn-Marie Murrell says:

    I’m “the blonde” from this video and just so you know, a lot has changed since this video from last year. First, as of May 2012, the PolitiChick anchors/reporters are very respected actress Morgan Brittany, author/Fox commentator Dr. Gina Loudon & “regular person” me. In July I took over as Editor-in-Chief/National Director of and completely revamped the website. I got rid of all the pastel colors, including the lips & the “kissy” thing at the beginning (I personally hated that thing, too). Also, we’re not doing the studio show anymore but instead the PC anchors & I cover events & interview & do speaking engagements across the U.S. Our site is now filled with original content written by women all over America, all who are strong 2nd Amendment defenders and very intelligent women. I’m still working on my shooting skills and am currently being trained by some VERY excellent teachers. Would love for some of you to check out the site again, and I’m always looking for great pro-gun women writers!

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