South Dakota’s RINO Governor Vetoes Constitutional Carry

South Dakota’s hope to joint Vermont, Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming as a Constitutional Carry state was squashed when its Governor, Republican Dennis Daugaard, vetoed legislation passed by large majorities in the state’s legislature. The measure was opposed by South Dakota’s Sheriffs Association. As reported by USA Today, Sheriff Mike Milstead claims that he was just trying to help out the poor folks who would be denied permits under the current system . . .

“It’s that small group who are denied that I am most worried about with this bill,” he said. “Those are the people who actually took the time to come down to the sheriff’s office, applied and thought they would be issued a permit when in fact they had a disqualifier.”

Wyoming’s Christopher Lynch, who runs the concealed carry program for the nation’s latest convert to constitutional carry, disagrees. “I’ve been looking for problems,” he said. “I really haven’t encountered any. I haven’t heard anything from the sheriffs and chiefs.”

So there you have it, South Dakotans. Sheriff Milstead’s priorities are to help out the 20 or 30 disqualified persons a year while screwing everyone else. And when it comes to your rights, Gov. Daugaard don’t guard.

An override of the veto is considered unlikely.