Knob Creek Scrubs Spring 2012 Machine Gun Shoot

The Knob Creek Range is the traditional host of the semiannual machine gun shoot, the largest gathering of privately owned machine guns in the world. I was dispatched to the last shoot in October and even though I didn’t get to pull a trigger, I still had a great time watching the mayhem and destruction out on the range. Any time there’s a dedicated staff for setting up explosives an event is bound to be good. Anyway, apparently flooding and other inclement weather has wiped out the bridge connecting the range to the public road and it won’t be fixed in time for the spring shoot. As a result, Knob Creek has decided to cancel the spring shoot meaning the October shoot this year will only be that much more awesome. Hopefully someone will be there to cover it again (HINT, HINT RF). Make the jump for a few of my favorite pictures from October…



  1. avatar Longtime Lurker says:

    Nice photos.

  2. avatar Derek says:

    Pics #4 and #7 = Envy Overload…

  3. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Looks to be more fun than grownups are allowed to have in most places!

  4. avatar Bill says:

    If you have never been to one go. It is great. You can shoot just about anything you can think of. Make sure you stay for the night shoot.
    PS bring really good hearing protection.

  5. avatar Aaron says:

    Been there twice… had an amazing time. This is at least their second April cancellation – I would plan all trips there for October in the future.
    If you can only attend one day, make it Saturday – Night Shoot, which includes tracers and exploding barrels of fuel.
    Get there extra early so you can park close to the gate (early as in 6am or so. They let you in for breakfast aroud 7am).
    Get to the lower range for rentals and queue up when you’re done eating breakfast. Rentals open at 9am on the dot, but lines form much earlier.
    If staying in Lousiville, stay at the Seelbach Hilton – beautiful hotel, comfy, quiet with good dining and service. Supposedly haunted, too!!

  6. avatar Charlie says:

    Do any of the TTAG staff have a Class III license? Machine gun reviews would be a welcome addition.

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      We’ve been trying everything we can to make that happen. Expect progress shortly.

      1. avatar Kevin T says:

        also more rifle reviews Nick!

  7. avatar Sig says:

    Got some serious nostalgia for my SAW looking at those.

  8. avatar Jake says:

    In your experience does the event tend to be colorblind? My fiancee and I were thinking of somehow tying the shoot into our wedding plans and I got slightly concerned. Wierd question, likely/hopefully unfounded concern and I hope it doesn’t rub wrong, but hell even here in NYC we get dirty looks for being visual opposites, and it kind of sets me on edge just thinkin about it.

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      The crowd does tend to skew a little towards the “redneck white folk” side of the spectrum, but mainly because that’s the dominant population out there. While I didn’t see much deviation from that theme, I didn’t get a particularly racist vibe from the crowd either.

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