What Could Possibly Go Wrong: DORYU Pistol Camera

The real men of genius behind the Kill Shot rifle camera are only the latest in a long line of shadetree image capturing innovators who – for some reason – concluded that the photographic process would be somehow improved by hybridizing cameras and guns. But Tyler Reidhead informs us that, perhaps to no one’s surprise, our Japanese friends appear to have been the pioneers in these grisly photo-Frankenstinian experiments. To wit: the DORYU Pistol Camera. Intended to be used by police in documenting criminal activity, this movie making marvel was mighty gun-like. Pulling the trigger didn’t just trip the shutter, it also fired off bullet-sized flash bulbs, six of which resided in the gun’s magazine and were ejected like a spent casing once used. For the curious (or chronically bored) there’s more background on this photographic wonder than anyone who doesn’t suffer from OCD could ever want here.