Maybe the caped crusader would tote one of these in his Batmobile along with his Batarang and Batphone. Probably not, though. Do we really need to lay out why a bat that kinda looks like a rifle is a bad idea?


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  1. My baseball coach in highschool was actually afraid of how much I talked about guns and shooting and what not. If only I had brought one of these to practice…

  2. It is art. People aren’t walking around with it, no one is using it as a bat or a gun. It is no more a bad idea than a framed picture of a gun, or a non-firing replica in a museum. Hell, it is even less realistic than a blue gun… do you think those are bad ideas as well?

  3. The bat is pointless. On another note. Hi-Point Carbine in .45. Should I get it? Anyone have any opinions on it?

    • HP has a small yet loyal following with its carbines. The two people online I know that have one love it. I’ve heard them described as good, cheap err inexpensive, and reasonably fairly accurate. Some call them planet of the ape guns. The .45 features a 17.5″ barrel. While I have no idea how such a relatively long barrel for a .45 bullet to get fired out of will affect ballistics, it can be only a positive improvement.

      • Yeah, cheap is what I am going for, Aharon. I just want a rifle to plink with… home defense and maybe some close in deer stalking. I figure best to start with cheap and see if I like it. Otherwise I just buy a rifled barrel for my mossy and smoke the deer with slugs.

    • Buuurr, why not get the Hi-Point and the bat gun? If the gun sucks, beat the cwap out of it with the bat. If the bat sucks, shoot it with the gun.

      Damn, I’m good.

      • It’s a Hi-Point, you’ll have better trying to shoot them with the bat than the gun. Or you can just beat them with either, though the bat would probably survive that better too.

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