Virginia Man Faces Felony Charges Over Finger Gun Gesture

Momma always told you it was impolite to point at people, didn’t she? David Thomas Lovelace apparently wasn’t listening when that lesson was handed down to him and now his lack of regard for motherly wisdom has landed him in jail with two felony charges . . .

A Fredericksburg man was charged with two felonies Tuesday after he pretended to shoot at two city detectives by pointing his finger, police said. The incident occurred outside Fredericksburg General District Court on Princess Anne Street following a preliminary hearing for the suspect’s son, city police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe said.

The two detectives had just testified against Lovelace’s son who’s in hot water of his own, facing charges of burglary, larceny assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

According to Bledsoe as reported by, David Lovelace was seen “silently mouthing words and shaking his head in response to testimony.” The horror. He was overheard making a comment about “getting back at them” and then a city deputy saw him make the pow, pow gesture.

After reporting the digital draw to a magistrate, Lovelace was charged with two felony counts of assault.

Sounds like an open and shut case of . . . childish behavior. But does raising a thumb and pointing an index finger really rise to the level of criminal assault? Better yet, if he’d made the gesture in his pocket, would he have needed a concealed weapons permit? Stay tuned. Tens of thousands of dollars are about to be spent on lawyers to decide these burning questions.