Trayvon Martin Shooting Coverage Roundup

With each passing day, the continued unfolding of l’affair Trayvon Martin shows that no matter how frenzied and surreal the situation may already seem, there’s always room for more. Now that the President has weighed in and Michael Bloomberg is getting a castle doctrine law oppo research operation launched, it should be obvious that anyone with even the most tangential interest in crime policy, race hustling, gun control or RTKBA is in full spin and response mode. There’s just too much at stake here in terms of future policy – not to mention future revenue – for the interested groups to sit this one out. So as a reader service, here’s a not quite one-stop compendium of some of the more noteworthy coverage of this zeitgeist grabbing event from TTAG and other sources. . .

Original Police Report

Concealed Carry and the Mob Mentality

Profile of George Zimmerman

Martin was Shot Only Once

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Trayvon Martin Case is the New Bonfire of the Vanities

Rev. Al Rallies for Trayvon Martin

Bradys: Right to Carry Means More Trayvon Martin Cases

Sanford PD Chief Gets No Confidence Vote, Steps Down Temporarily

Jessie Jackson Sez Blacks are Under Attack

VPC Prez: Martin’s Just One More Concealed Carry Victim

Obama Vows to Get to the Bottom of the Martin Case

Congressional Staffers Organize ‘Hoodies on the Hill’ Event

New Black Pather Party offers $10,000 for “Capture” of George Zimmerman

Shooting Could Mean More Aggressive Hate Crime Investigations