Quote of the Day: No Exceptions Edition

“You always find yourself with this need to help, when there is a need and to not have your weapon in times of crisis. Knowing that there is someone that is in danger; It’s difficult.” – Curtis Graves, Mobile County Public Schools security resource officer.


  1. avatar Matt in FL says:

    I guess they do it differently in Mobile. When I was in high school, our SRO was a deputy sheriff… badge, gun, uniform, the works. Deputy Rowe came to my school when I was in eighth grade, and he was still there when I graduated in ’94. Of course, that was a long time ago, maybe they don’t do that there anymore either.

    1. avatar bob says:

      At my local high school we have a deputy sherriff’s officer as a security officer.

      1. avatar James says:

        When I was in high school (not so long ago – Class of ’93), the very idea of putting an armed policeman in every school would have caused a revolt.*

        * There was no American Idol or Dancing With the Stars to keep the populace pacified in those days.

  2. avatar Tom says:

    Back in my day, we had guns in the shop classes, the cars, the rifle range, the history classes; and nobody cared.

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