Question of the Day: What Does DHS Want with All that Ammo?

Our diligent servants at the Department of Homeland Security number somewhere around 200,000. That was at last count, anyway. And as reports, they’ve just placed an order for 450 million rounds of fo-tay cal Federal Premium ammo over the next five years from ATK. They’ve also got an RFB out for another 175 million rounds of .223 because they own a couple of rifles, too. Figure that at least a third – and that’s probably way conservative – of those people our tax dollars are supporting are IT geeks, clerical types, maintenance staff, administrators or some other breed of gibbering desk monkey who wouldn’t know a gun if you pointed one at them. That leaves . . .

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 132,000 people who might some day, for some reason, somehow conceivably have cause to actually hold a handgun. At most. Which translates to about 3,400 rounds of ammo each or 680 rounds per year. And that’s just for pistols. So what gives? Why is DHS stockpiling all that lead?