OMG OMG! It’s a Gun Shop! Near Another Building! OMG!

Mike Majewski knows a good thing when he sees it. Then again, it doesn’t take Hawking-like analytical skills to look at trends in the firearms business and see that there’s some opportunity there. The public’s appetite for firearms of all kinds seems to be virtually insatiable so Majewski decided to open the eponymously named Woodbridge Firearm Trading Post in, strangely enough, Woodbridge, Connecticut. And then Jane Opper heard about it . . .

As reported by, “something just didn’t sit right with her.” And it wasn’t just the candied tuna surprise she whipped up for dinner the last night.

“It just seems innappropriate. The teen center is just 100 yards away from it,” she says. “It seems like a completely wrong place for a gun shop.”

“I believe that people should be allowed to have a registered gun, but I don’t like the idea of the shop right close by to the teen center,” Opper, an Orange resident with ties to the Amity Teen Center said.

So she’s going to drag a gaggle of kids from the Amity Teen Center to Monday’s scheduled Plan and Zoning Committee meeting so they can “share their concerns” about the proposed store. Exactly what they’re concerned about is anyone’s guess at this point.

“The commission has to make a finding that’s in the best interest of the public welfare,” (Zoning Enforcement Officer Terry) Gilbertson said. “There are some communities that have stronger feelings about these things than others.”

Gilbertson expects a lively exchange at Monday’s meeting.

Ya don’t say, Terry.

Here’s hoping Majewski has all his proverbial ducks in a row. And brings plenty of supporters along to the meeting to participate in the anticipated “lively exchange.”