Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Jack Thompson

No one ever thinks they’re going to be the victim of a robbery or home invasion until they are. Plenty of TTAG readers keep a handgun on the nightstand or otherwise nearby. Just in case. Jack Thompson of Marshall County, Kentucky keeps his pistol under his pillow. That may not be our choice, but it certainly worked for him early Monday morning two BGs kicked in his door and one made a bee-line for his bedroom . . .

Somehow they seemed to know exactly where the 78-year-old Thompson slept.

The blood spattered on the tan walls upstairs tell the story of what happened next.

“I think I fired three rounds.”

Startled, the man disappeared. But when he came back, Thompson was ready, firing off more blasts with a shotgun,

“I was scared,” he said, hours after the fact.

Thompson’s daughter told her father has slept with that pistol under his pillow for years.

“He’s been ready all his life.”

The home invader with the new orifices has been hospitalized. His partner in crime made tracks and hasn’t been located yet. But Thompson doesn’t seem to be worried about a repeat performance. Not from him, at least.

“I don’t think he’ll want what his friend got.”