Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Goldendoodle Edition

“A would-be victim says his concealed carry gun was the reason a criminal’s intentions were stopped cold. He says investigators told him it’s possible the man who tried to rob him Saturday night could have robbed others this weekend.” That’s how Danny Black of Milwaukee described what happened to him Saturday to when he was out for a walk with his girlfriend, Julie, and he had to make use of his newly granted concealed carry rights . . .

The two were walking their dog when a van pulled up. The driver racked the slide on his pistol and demanded Julie’s purse.

Black says his heart began to pound, but it wasn’t the adrenaline that helped him through. He credits his own firearm. Black has a concealed carry permit, but hoped to never even threaten to use his weapon in public. “Me pulling a gun out saved both of our lives last night. I pointed the gun at him and he said, what was I doing, and just drove off,” Black said.

And all without firing a shot. It would appear that Black has the Wisconsin state legislature and governor to thank now that he and his fellow cheddarheads can carry a concealed weapon. Legally, that is. The miscreants have pretty much carried them all along.

Black says this incident should serve as a reminder to Wisconsin criminals that the victims they target may no longer be as defenseless as they may have been before the concealed carry law took effect in the state. “There are thousands of people like me, carrying guns, so them looking for easy targets – that’s all over now. That’s not going to happen anymore,” Black said.

Truer words . . .