ATF Death Watch 139: It’s a Campaign Issue

The following is the text of a campaign radio spot running on Phoenix area radio stations for Ben Quayle, (former VP Dan’s son) who’s locked in a primary battle with fellow Republican David Schweikert for the Republican nomination to an Arizona congressional seat:

I’m Congressman Ben Quayle. Washington has treated Arizona with contempt. Instead of securing our borders President Obama has sued our state and made a mockery of our laws . . .

Deadly drug cartels terrorize Mexico and menace our communities. And the Obama Justice Department gives us “Fast and Furious,” an outrageous scheme to sell thousands of guns to ruthless criminals. Those guns and criminals killed border agent Brian Terry. And the Obama administration accepts zero accountability for this disaster.

Attorney General Holder is stonewalling the Congress, hiding the facts and hanging subordinates in the wind. Arizona’s largest trading partner is in crisis. And that crisis is on our doorstep.

Washington’s response? Send thousands of guns to vicious killers and lie about it when the scandal breaks. The attorney general has been playing fast and loose with Fast and Furious. He must tell the truth and then resign his post. And those responsible should be prosecuted. And the President owes Arizona his loyalty and service – not his contempt.

I’m Ben Quayle, candidate for Congress, and I approved this message.

[h/t Landis Aden]