Walther SP-22: Life Imitates Video Game Art

Image courtesy Walther USA, Inc.

Real gun or Ray Gun? With the release of Mass Effect 3 a few days ago, I actually did a double-take the first time I saw the Walther SP-22 with its proprietary custom-styled SP-22 laser. If you stencil N7 on the side, this puppy would look like it was just nicked from Commander Shepard’s holster. It looks more Mass Effect than the real (fictional) thing…

Image courtesy Thorsson

For comparison, this is a 3-d mockup of Shepard’s M3 Predator pistol from the video games. They don’t look remotely alike, (OK, maybe there’s a family resemblance) but it’s hard to tell which one looks more sci-fi.

Even though the ATF would never let you import this thing without a trigger guard, I still expect to see more convergence between video games and guns as games eclipse films as entertainment and gun culture goes more 2.0-mainstream every year.

[h/t to sci-fi props and costume maker Thorsson for the M3 Predator photo.]