Brady Campaign Prez: Right to Carry = More Trayvon Martin Shootings

Brady Campaign Vice-President Dennis Henigan is once again presenting a carefully woven fabric of undulating lies, half-truths, misstatements and outright fabrications. He somehow has linked the recent court decision in Woolard v. Sheridan with a self-defense shooting in Florida: “Recently Judge Benson Everett Legg of Maryland became the first federal judge to hold there is a Second […]

Nag, Nag, NYAGV

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence are all in favor of microstamping because this time their horrendously expensive and completely useless gun tracking database will work. Really it will. Having finally been hit in their collective melon with the big clue-stick ($45+ million and nearly a quarter million man hours for precisely 2 hits, neither of […]

Open Carry: Tactical or Strategic?

Like so many religious arguments (revolver vs. semi-auto, AR vs. AK vs. FAL) the concealed vs. open carry debate arouses strong feelings and passionate discourse all around. So I’m going to throw that hand grenade out and see who jumps on it. There are two different imperatives driving the decision of whether or not to […]

WaPo Comes Out Against Woolard v. Sheridan Ruling

The Washington Post has weighed in on the Woollard  v. Sheridan ruling and, surprise, surprise, surprise, they’re against it. That’s the recent Maryland Supreme Court ruling that the state can’t require citizens to show a “good and substantial reason” in order to get a carry permit. Most of the piece is simply background on Maryland’s […]

Seniors and Guns: Goldilocks Gun Control

A friend of mine describes the antis’ crusade against specific guns as “Goldilocks” gun control.  This is the idea that some guns are too big (“vest busters”), some guns are too small (“pocket rockets”), some guns don’t have a “sporting purpose” (“assault” weapons), some guns are too cheap (Saturday night specials), etc. ad infinitum. I […]

Lies, Damned Lies and Washington CeaseFire’s Statistics

Washington CeaseFire (or maybe CeaseFire Washington, I’ve seen it both ways) has just spent $50,000 buying bus ads touting various anti-gun messages and, as we’ve mentioned, they’re oh so full of fail. One of their most heinous efforts, though, regurgitates the classic Kellerman study figure that a gun in the home is 43 times more […]

Dennis Henigan on Chardon: Clockwork Edition

RF has already tackled Denis Hennigan’s Huffington Post post-Chardon shooting polemic. But as TTAG’s resident fact check guy, I couldn’t resist adding my .02 . . . As RF pointed out, the latest iteration of Hennigan’s “sky-is-falling” philosophy starts out reasonably enough. Denny actually raises a good point: in the rush to answer why did this kid do […]

Sometimes the Good is the Enemy of the Perfect

I’m sure we’ve all heard the plaintive cry from the “practical,” weak-kneed compromise apologists: I know XYZ isn’t the best bill/ law/candidate but if we don’t support it/him/her we’ll get something/someone even worse. You hard-liners/gun-nuts are so unreasonable! A-yup; unreasonable is a pretty darned good way to describe me. Indeed I have written on this […]