Utah Mountain Man: 24 Remote Burglaries. And Counting.


A large percentage of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia love the wilderness—even when they’re not using their firearms to blast Bambi to smithereens. And eat him. These gun owners savor their separation from society and the immersion in Mother Nature’s natural wonders. Which includes a number of creature that want to kill you and eat you. Not to mention the two-legged killers. Or potential killers. Oh what the heck, let’s mention one. Here’s the 411 [via newsfeed.time.com] on a Utah mountain man who’s taken home invasion to the next level . . .

Said to be “armed and dangerous” by authorities, he’s covered more than 1,000 sq. m. of wilderness and is responsible for more than two dozen burglaries of luxury cabins near Zion National Park. He’s not just quietly stealing things, either, but, rather, leaving a mark — he left a note in one cabin, warning, “Get off my mountain.”

The malcontent mugger has also been leaving cabins in “disarray and riddled with bullets” and seems to enjoy defacing religious icons. “He’s antireligious, waiting for the mother ship to come in,” one cabin owner, Bruce Stucki, told the Associated Press. “He should know he’s being followed, but I don’t think this guy is normal in any way.”

What’s most frightening about all of this, of course, is the fact that these cabins are so isolated. “He could stand in the trees and pop you off and no one would know who killed you,” Stucki told the Associated Press.

Which could never happen in an urban area right? And here’s scribe Aylan Zafar’s solution: “If you’re planning one last winter getaway before spring approaches and your destination is somewhere in southern Utah’s wilderness, you might want to take an extra dead bolt for your door.” Make that “AR” and I’m good to go. Right?