TTAG Guns & Cigars: This Sunday AFS

Just a quick reminder: TTAG’s hosting An Evening of Guns & Cigars (in D Minor) this Sunday at The American Firearms School, from 6 to 8:30 pm. Three fine cigars, unlimited gun rental, one hour range time, BBQ. $149. I’ve got six spaces left. Call 401 835 5054 to reserve your place.


About Robert Farago

Robert Farago is the Publisher of The Truth About Guns (TTAG). He started the site to explore the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns.

9 Responses to TTAG Guns & Cigars: This Sunday AFS

  1. avatarKYgunner says:

    Which revolver is that? I vaguely remember seeing it in an earlier post, but can’t seem to find it. One of the most beautiful revolvers I’ve ever seen.

  2. avatarKWAL says:

    I’m jealous. I’m also five hours away by air. Have fun!

  3. avatarTim Tritt says:

    D Minor? Such a melancholy tone… hmmmm

  4. avatarRalph says:

    What could be better than smoking guns and shooting cigars? I’m in.

  5. avatarAharon says:

    I like the idea of a TTAG shooting day and BBQ or grilling party without the tobacco. This weekend we’re going shooting, and afterwards drink Oregon micro-brews and eat smoked Pacific Salmon.

  6. avatarAharon says:

    Ok, I still think smoking is friggin gross. Yet, while surfing the net today, I came across this section of a men’s merchandise site offering smoking accessories for those of you into blackened lungs:

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