OMG! A Speargun! On a Plane! A Speargun on a Plane!

After a flurry of firearms finds, the media has finally woken-up to the fact that the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) confiscates guns from otherwise law-abiding citizens all the time. To the point where CNN felt compelled to run this story under the headline TSA find of the week: speargun. “The passenger arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport ticketed to fly to Antigua. After his weapons [?] were detected, the TSA contacted local law enforcement, who questioned the passenger. TSA spokesman Kawika Riley said this about that: “Just to be clear, passengers should not attempt to bring a spear gun as a carry-on item. The same rule holds for utility knife.” “In the week since the spear gun was found,” CNN adds, “the TSA says it has found 24 loaded and four unloaded firearms in carry-on baggage.” $8.1b well spent. Or not.