Is Call of Duty Police Warfare Pro-Militarization Propaganda?


Gotcha. The above video is a fan-made “spoof” of the Activision franchise. There is no Call of Duty: Police Warfare. Got me too; the game play and plot line seemed entirely credible—right up to the point where the bad guys put a bomb on the “enemy vehicle.” Anyway, it looks like fun! No wonder gamer websites like have a message for the corporate dreamsmiths behind the Call of Duty franchise: “Hey, Activision! Let’s get it done!” Why not? It’s not like U.S. police aren’t armed to the teeth, trained to use military tactics. Or that the public feels doesn’t feel any angst about the increasing use of no-knock raids by militarized SWAT teams. Like many games, Police Warfare would be way cool, with enough reality to get the media worked-up for millions in free advertising. Not about kids playing hyper-violent cops, obviously . . .