37 Responses to Weekend Photo Caption Contest

  1. Say it!!! Say it!!! Say I’m the best caped crusader ever or I’ll give you a hair style you’ll never forget…

  2. I gotta get me some of those tights that don’t ride up so high.


    SO! You think this outfit makes my butt look big, do you? Well, take THIS, you scallywag!

  3. Oh the “pre Adam West” Batman movies. So awesome, but so hard to find.

    Sometimes I wish I had a cape to help with concealed carry of super oversized weaponry.

  4. “Holy Tin Can Batman! I didn’t know you could make a gun out that asparagus can!” (The first recycling ad on TV)

  5. That is without a doubt the silliest effing costume in the history of motion pictures. The ears, for me, put it over the top. He looks more like a cricket than a bat. And, ok, yes, Robin is the “boy wonder,” but he’s not actually supposed to be 12 years old, is he?

    I never knew there were pre-Adam-West batman films, and now I can’t rest until I see one of them. I mean, that really does look like a hair dryer.

  6. The thug took one look at the masked duo and surrendered. No straight man was going to take his chances against the Costuming Gun.

  7. Yesterday, Commissioner, you were against concealed carry AND gay marriage in Gotham. Tomorrow yours will be one less vote Robin and I have to worry about.

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