Mi Obra: The Gun Sculpture of Victor Hugo Zayas

Los Angeles area painter and sculptor Victor Hugo Zayas is readying an exhibition of some of his latest works, many of which are comprised of guns collected by the LAPD during various buybacks. “The idea of transformation is something I find very interesting” ,Zayas told coastlinepilot.com. “To take a gun and turn it into something positive.” It appears that the artist’s anti-gun bigotry will be as prominently displayed as his sculptures . . .

Zayas admits that he doesn’t know if any of the heaters welded together in his objets d’art were involved in actual illegal activity. Nonetheless, he refers to the pieces as “portraits of crime.” “I’m most interested in the concept of transforming something so violent and something that can hurt you into something beautiful,” he said.

We know SoCal Armed Intelligentsians will want to see for themselves just how stripped down Lorcins and Ravens can be made into things of beauty. The show will open Sunday and run through April 29 at the Laguna Art Museum.

“The LAPD is proud to be a partner in this ambitious and inspirational project,” says Commander Andrew J. Smith, commanding officer of the LAPD’s Public Information Office. “Removing weapons from the street and transforming them into artwork is another step towards making our communities safer.”

According to the museum’s description of the installation, the sculptures will be donated to the LAPD when the exhibition closes. Exactly how LA’s finest plan to make use of them remains to be seen.