It’s Clearly Time for Common Sense Nail Gun Control

Once is a cautionary curiosity. Twice in a fortnight is a cringe-worthy trend. To wit: a co-worker was lowering a nail gun—one with a disabled safety—down to Jeff Luptak. The construction worker reached up. He hit the trigger, driving a nail three inches into his melon. Due to the lucky angle of the threepenny projectile and the skill of Luptak’s neurosurgeons, he’s recovering from the cranial intrusion. Speaking to, Dr. Tariq Janjua said the nail lodged “‘in the middle of the brain’s two hemispheres, just grazing major artery vessels.’ Had the nail gone any direction either way, he added, Luptak’s story would have ended much differently.” How long before OSHA mandates and eight-hour training class and a five-day waiting period for a D51238K?