Gun Preview: SIG SAUER P250 2SUM Combination Pack

Our man Don Gammill, Jr. wrote up the SIG/Sauer P250 Compact almost 18 months ago, and his video-enhanced review of this affordable and modular pistol has become one of TTAG’s Greatest Hits Ever (In The Entire History Of Ever) with over 91,000 views and counting.¬†Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I must be flattering Don by testing the P250 ‘2SUM’ kit for myself. This kit gives you a subcompact CCW piece and a full-sized service pistol, in your choice of .40, .357 SIG, or 9mm (shown here) for a total street price of $575 plus tax and transfer fees. What’s not to like about it? Two words: magazine prices.