Martin Luther King Jr. Was Denied Concealed Carry Permit

According to gun rights advocate and attorney John M. Snyder, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. availed himself of his 2nd Amendment rights as well as his 1st Amendment rights . . .

“At one time, King applied for a permit to carry a concealed handgun, but was denied. He was concerned for his personal safety, just as are a lot of law-abiding American citizens. “

I do not find this the least bit remarkable (presuming it is true) nor in conflict with King’s non-violence policy in protesting against the government.  One can, as an individual, successfully repel an attack from a criminal.  To survive an assault from your Government requires different tactics, namely convincing your Government to change policies.

I do wonder if King applied for his permit early in his career or later, of if he ever changed his mind.