Gun Confiscation – What to Do

In discussions about SHTF scenarios among my fellow gun-nuts, occasionally the talk turns to hiding your guns from the authorities. Caches, hidden compartments, hideaways and the like. My contention is that if you’re hiding your guns from the authorities, it’s already too late.

In New Orleans, the word is that the authorities came looking for firearms under the auspices of clearing out the city – even the sections not yet flooded. Lots of YouTube videos show national guard and police units knocking on doors with weapons at the ready.  The video included in this post shows cops and NG units from neighboring states going into homes.

Citizens were assaulted and disarmed in a number of well-documented cases, including the confiscation of long arms out on the water as men were recovering their property and evacuating. In one scene, the NOPD or other authorities came all tacticooled-up and flex-cuffed property owners. Ultimately, the cops allowed them to stay in their homes but left them largely defenseless.

I believe in law and order, but I don’t know what I would do if a National Guard trooper showed up and told me I had to leave and that he wanted my guns. In that situation, I would have no initiative even if I were prepared to engage in violence against a 19 year old kid and his buddy who, like I did a bajillion years ago, signed up to defend his country.

Same thing goes for the cops. Court is where I believe disputes about police procedure are to be resolved. And I want to minimize any drama I can until I get my day in court.  If cops enter my home without a warrant, I generally think it’s unwise to resist arrest at that moment, much less rack a shotgun and drawl “git off my property.”

I’m working my ass off to get good elected officials into office, those who believe in limited, constitutional government (check out my friend Ed Martin). This is where peace and liberty lie. Restoring liberty after it’s been wrecked is orders of magnitude more difficult – and bloodier – than keeping it.

How do we make it clear to elected officials and the authorities that disarming citizens is a non-starter? What does it take to make “confiscate guns” an unlawful order in the minds of federalized national guard groups?

Should citizens form armed neighborhood watch groups in the event of an emergency (earthquake is likely to be the worst-case where I live, in St. Louis). Would a squad of MONG be inclined to move along if they came upon five sturdy citizens packing large in front of God and everybody standing post at the end of their street?

What would you say to convince a cop, deputy or soldier to move along?