Three Reasons Why Guns Fail at SHOT Show Range Day

You’d think that gun manufacturers would bring their A-game to the SHOT show range day. That they’d make sure that the guns that they hand to journalists, you know, work. Surprisingly often, they don’t. Not to name names, but there were more clicks coming from the Chiappa Firearms demo range than you’d hear in a roomful of TTAG bloggers. Thanks to a bad mag, an ATI GSG-9 [above] had more failures to feed than Somalia. Of course the manufacturer’s reps have to come up with some reason for a firearm’s failure other than “this gun sucks.” This is how they do it . . .

1. The gun’s not broken in/it’s had too many rounds through it – It’s a new gun. So new it’s not working properly (yet). And so popular that everyone’s shooting it, subjecting it to abnormal wear and tear. In other words, it sucks because it’s cool.

2. It’s a prototype – It’s a new gun. So new it’s not working properly (yet). In other words, it sucks now but it won’t suck later.

3. You’re doing something wrong – We could show you how to run this gun properly but there are a lot of people who want to shoot this gun standing right behind you thank you for coming don’t forget to pick up a press pack. In other words, you suck.