Question of the Day: Red Jacket Firearms. Really?

As Nick, Chris, Dan and I were cranking-out SHOT Show copy, carpet bombing our Armed Intelligentsia with box-fresh content (in the nicest possible way), a strange thing happened. Ernie’s House of Whoop Ass! linked to a pre-Christmas post on Red Jacket Firearms. No joke: ehowa’s readers played a major part in lifting site traffic over the 100k page views per day mark. TTAG has heaped invective on Red Jacket. But I reckon our resident egg-heads missed something. Check out the comment left by Big T [after the jump] and tell me that TTAG shouldn’t “descend” to blogging the ins-and-outs of this firearms-flavored soap opera. Seriously. Should we be covering this show in more, uh, depth?

“Lets start with the number one problem. (Stephanie) Why is she suggesting who should be a lead on a project? She was telling Will to “roll the dice” on Kris for that AR piston project. F-THAT! I would tell her to go back to her desk and answer the damn phones. She didn’t have any right “suggesting” him for that type of working considering Kris didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. She should stick to what she is good at, selling and answering phones. Problem 2: (Will) The only question I have is, why hasn’t Kris been let go or fired. He is the only person that doesn’t know what he is doing. For being an “apprentice” for two seasons or years, you figure by now he should at least know how to troubleshoot AR issues. I mean REALLY? A little spring (that was bent in half) and a hydro piece, how do you over look that? The other thing is for a guy that gave a ultimatum, he surely can’t keep his word for s***. Any manager in their right mind would never give a beginner a project with that type of magnitude. Kris should of NEVER became the lead. I personally think that Will is a egotistical fat piece of dog poop. He treats his employees like crap for the exception of Stephanie and Kris which he basically bends over backwards for. I don’t know if anyone realizes this but no one else in the shop calls Will by “Sir” except for Kris and Steph. Problem 3: (Kris) … Well … he is a dumbs***. There is no way of saying it differently. For being a “Project Lead”, he really didn’t “Lead”, he just gave up and told on Vince. Conclusion: I think Vince made the right choice by leaving. Granted, the way he left made him look like a baby. But, lets face it, there was probably a lot of other things that happened off camera that made him leave. And he just snapped and said F-IT, I’m out. A lot of people are saying that Vince wasn’t a team player. It is hard to be a team player when you crap from a guy that really doesn’t own the shop. As of RJF misplacing their firearms, well … if heads didn’t roll after that incident then they shouldn’t be in business in the first place. Will should got jail time for that. You would have to be stupid not to think that the ATF wouldn’t audit you considering everything is shown on TV. Reality TV starts off well and then it turns into it’s own version of Days of Our Lives. I mean look at Pawn Stars, I actually enjoyed watching that show and now it just crap. American Guns sucks as well, I don’t see any value in that show at all. I think its just filler space for the shows that are coming up.”