Chiappa Firearms Mktg. Maven: No “Clicks” at Our Range Day


“Not to burst you’re bubble but I was in the Chiappa Firearms booth all day long at media day and the only ‘clicks’ I remember were guns that had been fired to empty– I do not remember one SINGLE failure to fire or feed ALL DAY LONG!! (I take that back, the Rhino would not fire any CCI alum case 40 cal ammo–however, we switched to CCI 40 cal brass and Hornady 40 cal and it ran like a top, is that the gun or ammo??) There were several ‘experts’ who picked up the Rhino and indexed the empty chamber 11 o’clock expecting it to fire at 12 o’clock- of course we all know that the Rhino fires from the 6 o ‘clock bottom chamber. And some writers who were letting their thumbs rest on the slide of the new M9-22 Chiappa causing the slide to run very slow. Overall with the over 2000 people who were at Media day we had a great day firing over 8000 rounds and sharing in the joy of shooting new products with friends. In my opinion a great day to be outside shooting and sharing new products.”

Charles Brown
MKS Supply LLC