TTAG is Now America’s #1 Firearms Blog

The news came New Year’s Eve from Caleb Giddings [not shown] that TTAG is now the most popular English language firearms related blog on the internet. Period. The Firearms Blog (previous #1) claims 1.2 million views per month, but we’ve climbed past 1.35 million and are still on the way up. Here’s some further proof of how awesome we are and our continuing potential for growth…

See that chart? That’s tracking total pageviews by quarter since TTAG started. The observant reader may notice a steady increase in views over the last two years that doesn’t show any signs of stopping. As an interesting note, the average article posted on TTAG for the last month has received more pageviews on a given day than the entire site during its first month of operation. I just thought that was nifty.

The monthly view does show some interesting spikes along the way. October 15, 2011 was our busiest single day ever with everyone going crazy over this article about a pistol shaped tattoo, a feeding frenzy of craziness that accounts for the entire bump in traffic for October. November’s traffic fell more in line with the expected curve, and December continues with a greater than expected jump in pageviews.

December’s numbers are notable for one reason in particular: nothing happened. There were no truly “big” news stories, no major events, not even a dumb tattoo, and yet our numbers are better than they ever were. TTAG’s writers were able to generate enough content all on their own to drive that traffic, something they’ve proven again and again that they do better than almost anyone else. Because really, who can compete with Jeremy Clarkson?


Long story short: we’re awesome and tons of people read our website. Our reviews inform people’s purchasing decisions, and our opinions influence people on a national scale. So if you’re in the mood to advertise with us email  Because I really want to quit my day job. Like, really.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled awesomeness.