The internet was a-buzzing a few days ago when SIG SAUER introduced their ACP system for handguns that encased them in a rail encrusted metal box with a charging handle. I had a chance to play with one of these monstrosities today and my report to you is that I don’t like it one bit.

The idea behind the ACP was to provide a platform that turned your SIG pistol into a more controllable firearm with more options for mounting optics and such. It’s a design that makes tons of sense if you have a fully automatic handgun, but if all you have is the standard civilian semi-auto then I still can’t find a single reason to buy this thing.

With the ACP mounted to the handgun the package feels very top heavy and boxy, mainly because SIG engineered the thing to be large enough to accomodate almost any handgun. The extra bulk means its harder to hold onto and control than the standard smaller handgun.

And the charging handle is TERRIBLE. It’s stiff as a board and hard to manipulate, and under pressure I think I’d be faster disassembling the whole thing and racking the slide as normal. One of the models even jammed as the salesman was showing me how the charging handle worked, rendering the thing inoperable.

In short, it looks like it sucks.